Exam tips: how to describe a picture

Let's improve our speaking skills

Describing a picture can be something difficult if you don't have a model to follow.

Here I'm including some different pictures with a good description of them. You may find this very useful for the final exam. Click on the links and follow the instruction you will see on the webpage.

1. The river
2. New baby
3. New arrivals
4. Hospital visit
5. Barbecue1
6. Barbecue2
7. Fishing trophy
8. Waiting
9. At the airport
10.Red card
12.Medical drama

Let's put into practice what you have learnt. Look at the following picture. Please use adjectives to describe it.
Think about the following questions: what do the men look like? what are they wearing? where are they standing?
Use your imagination and write something on the comment seccion.

If you want to see what other people said about this picture, click here


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